Nancy Selvage: Convergance of the Actual and the Implied


I strive to create work that engages me and the viewer in a discovery process. The disruption of norms and defiance of expectations often emerge from these exploration processes; however, neither is the initial impetus or the priority.

In many of my installations the alteration of expectations has been an important factor (but not primary goal) in creating a compelling and emotional experience of space. (See viewer responses to the works Convergence, Nuclear Home, and Dwell.)


At the moment I am particularly interested in the juxtaposition of dematerialized space and visceral substance. This intersection has an existential and visual complexity that resonates with my impetus to capture fleeting insights from the flux of life. By altering and concentrating the experience of space and substance, I strive for visual intensity, moments of clarity, and the creation of environments and objects that engage myself and others in a discovery process. The context in which I am working mediates the physical quality, emotional response, and significance of each piece. Whether I start with a plate on a table or a wall in a plaza, I am interested in the convergence of actual, implied, and symbolic content to express social and environmental concerns.

Nancy Selvage, sculpture and interdisciplinary artist

Images: detail from FORECAST, an installation by Nancy Selvage; Nancy Selvage, MEND THY WARES MEND THY WAYS (detail) (2009), table parts, ceramic shards, epoxy, pigment powders, 40x44x34 in.

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