Sean Greene: Painting and Dealing with It

Sean Greene‘s painting is driven by freedom, feeling, and, above all, exhilarating color. That’s the case whether he’s painting in his toothbrush-factory art studio, on the walls at Facebook’s office, or propped up recovering from a life-altering skateboarding accident. He paints, and he deals with it.

Video features music by past Music Composition Fellow Eric Hofbauer

Sean’s work is on exhibit at the Herter Gallery at UMass Amherst through December 14, in a group show at Geoffrey Young Gallery in Great Barrington through December 19, and in the Hive small works show at the Mingo Gallery in Beverly through January 30.

The Massachusetts Cultural Council is celebrating 40 Years of Fellowships, exploring the stories of amazing artists we’ve funded since 1975.

Video Credits: artwork courtesy of Sean Greene (Painting Fellow ’14); title animation by Basia Goszczynska (Film & Video Fellow ’13); intro music by Laura Andel (Music Composition Fellow ’99), “Sao Dao,” BMI ©1997, performed by the Laura Andel Orchestra; montage and closing music by Eric Hofbauer (Music Composition Fellow ’09), “Surely Some Revelation Is at Hand,” Eric Hofbauer/Creative Nation Music ©2011, performed by the Infrared Band.

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