Studio Views: Sophia Ainslie

Sophia Ainslie has a solo show, “in person,” at Kingston Gallery in Boston (Jan. 30-Feb. 24, 2013). Here, she lets us peek into her studio (and gallery) process as she creates her vibrant paint and ink artworks.

My studio is 3 miles from my home. It’s in an active factory building with lots of other artists. It’s spacious, has no windows, but lots of wall space. I chose it for that reason and also because I don’t like to be reminded of time passing. This way, I have no clue of what time of day it is, and no distractions. I get totally absorbed in my work. Once I’m in the studio, I stay there until it’s time to leave, never popping out for lunch or coffee.

In 2012, I had opportunities to work directly on various gallery walls, which allowed me to explore my work on a much larger scale, and interact with architecture. The gallery became my studio. For most of these projects, I had assistants working with me. I came up with the concept and they would help with the production. It’s been a really interesting experience inviting other hands in.

Currently I am working toward my solo show at the Kingston Gallery, which opens on the 29th of January (reception 2/1 from 5-7.30pm). Combined with works on paper, I’ll be installing a 36′ x 10′ drawing directly on the gallery wall with a team of assistants. The audience is invited to view the process of installation as well as the product. The gallery will have extended hours from 1/29 – 2/1, 10-6pm each day.

Sophia Ainslie’s “in person” is at Main Gallery of Kingston Gallery, January 30 – February 24, 2013, OPENING RECEPTION Friday, February 1, 5:00-7:30 PM. In the Center Gallery, concurrent with Sophia’s show, is “All of It,” featuring work by Stacey Alickman and Lynda Schlosberg.

Images: all images courtesy of Sophia Ainslie.

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