Massachusetts Poetry Festival this weekend

Are you what they call a “words” fan? Are you partial to those intriguing individuals who search with, electrify, and otherwise poeticize words? Then why – for the love of arts funding WHY? – haven’t you made plans to take part in this weekend’s Massachusetts Poetry Festival in Lowell? (If you HAVE, then please disregard. Well, regard, but then turn to the person next to you, the one who isn’t yet planning on going, and point sternly at this post.)

This is the first ever state-wide poetry festival in Massachusetts. And my friends, it’s an excellent thing. The schedule is packed with poets and poetry and poetic celebration, including events with such eminent writers as Robert Pinsky, Richard Hoffman, Lucie Brock-Broido and Martin Espada.

MCC is a proud sponsor of this event. Our very own Charles Coe, Program Coordinator for Literature and Music in the Organizational Support Program, was instrumental in this festival’s creation through his work with the Massachusetts Poetry Outreach Project. Check out a nifty Boston Globe editorial where Charles discusses some of the reasoning behind the festival and MassPop’s efforts.

There are some paid events, but most are free. Festivities start today (Friday), with workshops, a film screening, and a featured reading (7 PM) with Rhina Espaillat, Nick Flynn & Regie Gibson at the Lowell High School Freshman Academy.

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